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Cold plasma air purifier EL@ION

With EL@ION, the air is disinfected using cold plasma air purifier technology, which can reduce viruses and bacteria by up to 99.5%..


To have better air indoors.
It can destroy 99.5% of odours, pathogens including bacteria and viruses, moulds, spores and VOCs from the air.

EL@ION treats the air with a newly developed cold plasma generator, compact, quiet and with low consumption

Clean Air Basic.png

Physical atmospheric cold plasma,

Currently the most innovative and at the same time the best tolerated completely natural disinfectant for humans.

Ions + ozone + antiseptic = healthy air

The result of a ColdPlasma device can be compared with the healthiest and best breathable air we can find, for example:

   at a mountain waterfall

   in the forest, after a thunderstorm

EL@ION Clean Air units enrich the room air so that it reaches the ion level at the waterfall and in the forest.

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